Health Checkup

Since the first of December, I’ve been working on improving my overall health.  This isn’t the result of any medical condition, but just the realization that there aren’t very many 6’4″ old guys.  And there are even fewer 6’4″ old guys that were in the shape I was in.

So I’ve been eating better & getting some exercise.  Maybe I’ve taken that to a bit of an extreme as I’ve been to the gym every day for 40 consecutive days.  Okay, so I didn’t go on Christmas Day but I’ve been every day but one over the past 40 days.

Here are the results.

I don’t really have a goal for the weight I want to lose or the weight I want to get to.  I just want to get healthier and live to see my grand children.  Heck,  it might even be cool to see my great grand children.


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