2012 Mid-Winter Update

Lots going on in the Bradshaw manse this winter.  The girls are getting ready for the Spring Musical.  This year they’re doing High School Musical 2.  Madison is cast as Kelsi Nielson, a shy girl who is is musically gifted.  Sounds right up Madison’s alley to me!  Mackenzie is part of the ensemble.  She was a little disappointed at how she was cast, but it’s only her first year in the middle school and we’ll have lots more opportunities.  She will get her chance for sure, cause she’s quite an actress.

The Girls on Valentine's Day

They are both on the Color Guard Team as well.  It’s Madison’s second year and Mackenzie’s first.  They really seem to enjoy it.

2012 Color Guard 3

Mackenzie at Flag Practice

2012 Color Guard 13

Madison at Flag Practice

Madison is on the Math Team & the Scholar Bowl team.  Mackenzie is still taking tennis lessons and she’s in Confirmation Class.  So with all the practices and performances, we’re quite busy this winter.  Hope you all are slogging through the mid-winter doldrums.



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