2012 Bahamas

We made it into Nassau around 1:00pm yesterday and finally got settled aboard the Sequel a little after 2:00pm. That gave us a few hours to catch up with Carie’s Mom and Dad and get some pool time in. It’s good to see Steve & Ruth and we enjoyed our first day in the Bahamas and our first night onboard.


Arriving in the Bahamas

Since it was such an early day yesterday, we all slept in a little today. But we were in the water before lunch. The girls took part in a snorkel adventure. They snorkeled over a replica of the ruins of Atlantis. Their were giant sea rays in the pool and even a couple of Zebra Sharks.


The girls getting ready to snorkel

We finished the day in the water park. Tonight, Ruth is cooking stir fry onboard. I think tomorrow is another lazy pool and water park day. I may sit on the back deck of the boat with my Kindle and read & nap the day away.


Grammie & Mackenzie fixing dinner

Hey, why not? We’re on island time. Here’s a link to the Flick set for the trip.


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