And the Winner Is…

Madison Bradshaw!  In the category of Outstanding Vocalist for this year’s 8th Grade Class.  Last night was Madison’s last concert before she graduates from the 8th Grade and moves on to High School.  She began the night with a solo performance of her competition piece, the theme from Avita or “Don’t Cry for Me Argentina”.  And she nailed it!

At the end of the evening, the chorus director presented some awards.  The final one was for the student who has displayed talent, dedication, and excellence through all 4 years in chorus.  She complimented this year’s recipient on many fine qualities and then announced that Madison was the recipient.

Needless to say, we are very proud of all that Madison has accomplished.  We’re also grateful to her chorus director and other faculty and staff who have made her Middle School experience so great.

Here are a few pictures.


Madison receives the award


Madison with Mrs. Partney, the chorus director


Madison with the hardware




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  1. Hooray for Madison!!! Pop and I thought she was great! Congrats to Madison and Mackenzie for their proformance Tuesday Night.

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