2012 – Madison Graduates

This spring has been exciting as we’ve watched Madison experience all the of the changes as she prepares for high school.  This week, we capped it all off with her graduation ceremony and party.


Madison on her last day of school, with a photo from her first day

On Wednesday, we attended the honors program at school.  Both of the girls were recognized for high honors achievements, drama club, and math team.  Madison was recognized for additional involvement in Scholar Bowl and a few others.


Madison at Honors Day

But the biggest accomplishment was Valedictorian of the 8th grade class.  Madison began the year by saying, “Dad, I think I want to try for Valedictorian of my class”.  I encouraged her to go for it.  A couple of weeks ago, I found out that to achieve this award a student must recieve an “A” in every subject for every grading period during all 3 years of middle school.  Turns out Madison did just that.  And along with 9 other classmates, was award Valedictorian at graduation.

She and her fellow recipients each gave a 2 minute speech during the ceremony.  Madison thanked her teachers, parents, friends and God for helping her.  She remembered her classmate who lost her battle with childhood cancer during the 2nd grade (Madison still wears a bracelet in her memory nearly every day).  She quoted Margaret Thatcher, and closed with comments about how she is better for having known her classmates.  It brings tears to my eyes just writing this, so you can imagine how I felt on Wednesday night.


Madison delivers her Valedictorian speech

Additionally, Madison received an award from the American Legion for distinguished recognition of her courage, honor, leadership, patriotism, scholarship, and service.  We were very surprised and proud of this award as well.


Madison receives the American Legion Award

Finally, we wrapped up the week with a pool party and casino night.  Madison and one of her friends co-hosted the party at our house.  We had games, food, and plenty of desert.  This may be the last time that this group of kids is all at our house together as some are attending different high schools next year and the kids will begin to make new friends and be involved in different activities.


Hampster Balls were a big hit at the party

We are so proud of all that Madison accomplished at Wolf Branch and look forward to what High School brings.  Summer school starts in 2 weeks!


The 4 of us at Graduation

The rest of the graduation activity photos are here.



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