Poolside Tunes – AirGo Speaker Review

Ever since we put the pool in, I’ve toyed with how to provide music on the patio without dragging out a  portable stereo every time we wanted music, without running wires and permanently mounting speakers outside, and at the same time giving us the flexibility of accessing our iTunes library or internet music easily.

Well, I finally solved the problem.  I discovered an outdoor speaker solution that leverages an Apple Airport Express and supports Apple’s Airplay feature.  It’s from the folks at Russound and it’s called an AirGo.  It’s a weather resistant, portable speaker solution.  The sound quality is great and it is plenty loud for our backyard area.

The cool thing about this device is that it actually has a compartment on the back that a houses an Airport Express (sold separately)  The Airport Express is basically a wireless router.  In this implementation , it’s connects to my WiFi network for the purposes of connecting other devices.  It has speaker connections (it has USB and Ethernet connections also) that are connected to the AirGo.  But the magic is the AirPlay feature in iTunes.  Either from my Mac or my iPhone (iPad, iPod Touch, etc.) I can redirect the music output to any AirPlay supported device.  In this case, my AirGo.

Additionally, many of the music services that have apps for iOS support AirPlay as well.  That means that I can stream music from Pandora, Spotify, iHeart Radio, etc. to the AirGo.

My family and I spent most of Saturday hanging out and taking turns q-ing up music from our iPhones.  It works so well and sounds so good, we’ll be getting a ton of use from this solution.

Here’s a short video on the product from it’s announcement at CES.


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  1. […] Airgo Speaker – This one I blogged about.  I’ve looked for a way to provide music by the pool without running speaker wire and mounting speakers.  I finally found the answer.  This device houses an Apple Airport Express, enabling the Apple Airplay feature to target the enclosed speaker for output.  Now, we can stream and control the music from any of our “i” devices (iphones or iPads).  Full blog post on this one is located here. […]

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