The Closet Purge

Well, I’m close enough to my goal that we finally decided it was time to purge the closet and buy some new suits.  Frankly, a closet purge was probably in order even if I hadn’t lost weight.  But with my weight loss closing in on 65 pounds, it was long over due.

The “After” Picture

Carie and the girls always buy me nice shirts, ties, etc. for special occasions and it’s a shame to see much of this headed for Good Will, but I have no regrets.  I only hope that someone else gets good use out of some of this stuff.

We started the day at Don Rodgers Ltd.  It’s a clothing store in West Belleville where I’ve bought suits off and on over the years.  I’ve been wearing the last 3 suits that I can get by with, but even they are long past needing to be altered if not replaced.  I walked in the door and Rodger said, “Holy crap!  You’ve lost weight”.  Comments like that still bring a smile to my face, but not as big as the smile when he fitted me for a new suit and the jacket is 8 sizes smaller than I had been wearing.  Did you hear me?  I said, 8 SIZES SMALLER!

So, I’m kind of excited to have 3 new suits on order that will actually fit me well.  I still need to order some new shirts and I’m going to sell a few things on eBay.  The rest is headed for Good Will.

Oh, and I’m within 5 lbs of my target weight.



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  1. Jay, we are so very proud that you are that close to your goal! Looking good! Love Mom and Jim

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