Tennis Anyone?

We try to keep the girls physically active and encourage them each to choose a sport to participate in.  Madison has played soccer since she was four, but Mackenzie decided she didn’t want to play a few years ago.  So, she’s been playing tennis for past couple of years.

This year, she’s played with some high school players and attended a couple of camps this summer.  This weekend she entered her first tournament.  While she’s not the youngest player, she was one of the least experienced.  She lost her first match to a much more experienced player, but she kept her head up and played again later that afternoon.  She dropped that match too, but she rallied well and won a few games.

Today, she played doubles with a girl who was also looking for a doubles partner.   Again, she and her partner were a little inexperienced, but they played hard and dropped the match 8-2.

Here are a couple of photos from today’s match.



2 Responses

  1. Way to go Mfackenzie! Hang in there Pop and I think you are GGGGReat!

  2. Sorry about the spelling error.

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