More Fun With My Pants

You’re probably getting sick of my going on and on about dieting, weight loss, and exercise.  Well tough!  Cause this is a lifestyle that I’m committed to.

A couple of weeks ago, I purged my closet of my clothes that don’t fit anymore and posted a photo.  Well this weekend we finally got the bags dropped off at the Salvation Army, but not before we had a little more fun with my old wardrobe.

My Father-in-Law asked for a photo of Carie & I both fitting into a pair of my old pants.  I wasn’t sure that it was possible, but today we gave it a shot before those pants left the house for good.  Sure enough, Carie could fit in one leg and me in the other.  Then, we tried it facing one another with each of us having a leg in each pant leg.  Sadly, we fit both ways.

So I’m gonna keep this as a reminder of the size I used to be and motivation not to get back there.  If I do, somebody smack me in the head.



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