Top Tech of 2012

This marks the 5th year that I’ve written this blog post.  When I began blogging in 2008, I was all over the marble with the topics that I covered.  Over time, this blog has become mostly about my family.  The BBQ stuff that littered the first couple of years worth of content is now all done over at  But I look forward to this blog post every year.  This post includes the technology products and services that I’ve had first hand experience with during the year.  This isn’t a comprehensive list of every item that I’ve acquired or used, just those that are noteworthy.

Here we go.  In no particular order, here are my top tech products and services from 2012:

  1. 341286iPad 3 – We’re an Apple family.  iMac, iPhones, iPods, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air, AppleTV.  We’ve done our part in driving Apple stock through the roof.  While we have an original iPad in the house (Carie’s mother’s day gift from that year), I decided I wanted one of my own so that she could actually use her iPad.  I picked this up around Father’s Day and since it’s not a “shared” device, I’ve integrated it into my own workflow.  I use it at work and home.  In fact there are times that I’ll go several days without firing up my laptop.  It’s faster than the first generation, has a sexier screen, and front and back cameras.  My only complaint is that after only 6 months, Apple obsoleted this model with the iPad 4.
  2. iPad Mini – I made a deal with Mackenzie that she could have a tablet for her birthday (Madison got a Kindle Fire for her birthday).  Her birthday happened to fall near the Apple announcement of the iPad Mini.  The deal was that if she wanted to wait for the announcement, she could have the Mini when it was available.  But, if she actually wanted the gift on her birthday she would have to get a Kindle Fire.  She opted to wait.  I got burned for an extra $129.  I really didn’t think the Mini would be that much more than the Kindle Fire.  But that was the deal that I made.  The Mini is pretty cool device and I really like the form factor.  If I didn’t have the iPad 3, I’d look hard at a Mini for myself.  I like the increased mobility of that form factor.
  3. Kind Fire – As I mentioned, Madison wanted a Kindle for her birthday and we settled on the Fire.  It’s the first Android based device to make it into our house.  It’s a pretty cool device for what it is, a media consumption device.  It’s not great for creating content, but in fairness that’s not it’s target.  It’s all about being a window into the Amazon Store and it does that very well.  Sure, there’s a Facebook app, email etc.  But it shines at cracking open your wallet for content acquired via Amazon.  Madison reads on it constantly.  Oh, and I see by her FB timelines that she likes to update FB right before she goes to sleep.
  4. Airgo Speaker – This one I blogged about.  I’ve looked for a way to provide music by the pool without running speaker wire and mounting speakers.  I finally found the answer.  This device houses an Apple Airport Express, enabling the Apple Airplay feature to target the enclosed speaker for output.  Now, we can stream and control the music from any of our “i” devices (iphones or iPads).  Full blog post on this one is located here.

That’s it.  I couldn’t come up with anything else that was new or noteworthy.  I’m sure that there’ll be more tech in the new year.  I see a new desktop for the family, a new laptop or desktop for Carie, and maybe a new DSLR for yours truly.  That’s a pretty ambitious wish list, but come back next year around this time and see what maks the cut for the top tech of 2013.




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