Somebody Help Me!

I recently read an interview with Tony Horton, the guy who created the P90X workout system.  He was adamant that anyone trying to improve their health should surround themselves with folks who are trying to do the same, or who are at least supportive of your efforts.

I’ve read the same thing on the MyFitnessPal forums (the website and smartphone app that I use to track my diet and exercise), but I’ve always been reluctant to make a bunch of “friends” online.  Even though this is supposed to help folks be more successful, I’ve always scoffed at the idea.

While grilling pork tenderloin and chicken breasts for our respective dinners tonight, I was talking with my good friend and neighbor about this new lifestyle as we so often do.  While we both began this journey for different reasons, we have nonetheless been sharing in strategies, the progress, and the setbacks that we’ve encountered in our efforts to live healthier.

I have a good friend that I’ve worked with for ~20 years.  He’s always lived a healthier lifestyle than I have.  When I started changing my diet and getting some exercise, it was helpful to have someone to eat lunch with frequently that makes good choices and is willing to listen to me go on and on about my experiences.

Many of my friends have supported me with encouragement and well wishes.  No one that I know has been anything other than supportive.

So it occurs to me that without thinking about it, I’ve done exactly what Tony Horton suggests.  I’ve got a good support system in place with key friends and family.  This has made all the difference.  I mean, it would have been much harder if those around me were eating pizza and drinking beer every day.  Those temptations would be hard to ignore.  

But when you hang out with people who are looking for the same things that you are, it’s easy to find support from the knowledge that you’re not in this alone.  Heck, I hope I’ve provided a little support for them along the way as well.



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  1. Support is so important. You can also get it from strangers/fellow bloggers!

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