2013 Bob Seger Concert

In the late 70’s I was introduced to Bob Seger and The Silver Bullet Band when my uncle purchased “Live Bullet” on 8-track and left it at our house. I listened to that recording of a live performance at Detroit’s Cobo Hall until I could sing every word of every song and parrot every word that Seger spoke between songs during this live show.

Over the years, media formats have changed and I’ve owned that album in five different formats; 8-Track, LP, cassette, CD, and mp3. I have several other albums, but none that I’ve enjoyed as much as Live Bullet.

Seger took a break from the music business for several years and I was afraid that I’d never get to see him tour. But when he toured in 2006, I treated myself to a couple of tickets as a birthday present and took my uncle to the show. It was awesome!

Just as I was introduced to Seger, a classmate of mine also became a fan while we were in high school. We were college roommates and enjoyed the classic rock and roll of Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band during our college years. Although we don’t see one another nearly as much I’d like, we’re still good friends. And this time around when Seger toured, we made plans to go to the show.

We met for dinner along with another classmate and all of our wives. It was great to see them and have a chance to catch up. Funny thing is, it was though no time had passed. Sure we’re all a little older and we’ve got kids that aren’t babies anymore, but we picked up like we’d just had dinner together yesterday. Then we headed off to the show where Seger put on one heck of a show.

Bob Seger at Scottrade

Seger at the piano doing “Turn the Page”

Bob Seger at Scottrade

3rd Encore – Night Moves

Thanks for the great show Bob, and thanks for giving old friends a chance to gather and reconnect.

Hey Jeff, Jan, Kevin, & Julie, lets not wait 15 years to get together again!


PS, sorry for the crappy cell phone pics.


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