A Family Tradition

“I am very proud, of my daddy’s name.  Although his kinda music, and mine ain’t exactly the same”.  Those lyrics are from Hank Williams Jr’s song, Family Tradition.  They sort of apply to me in this situation.  My dad and his family have a family tradition of singing Southern Gospel music.  I remember tagging along to gospel singings when I was a kid, but I never took up the calling.

I did take up the guitar some time ago and I’ve enjoyed jamming with some friends, attending some bluegrass festivals, and even played in a band for a little while.  But over the past year or so, I keep running into people that I don’t even know that inquire about my family and the southern gospel quartet. One random incident I could over look.  Two incidents I could call a coincidence  But when it happened a 3rd & 4th time, I figured maybe somebody was trying to tell me something.

So, today I answered that call and played with the Praise Band at Church.  Contemporary praise and worship music isn’t necessarily the same as the Southern Gospel stuff that I grew up with, hence the title of this blog post.  Nonetheless, I strapped on my guitar and played with a great bunch of folks at 3 services today.

In short, I had a blast and look forward to playing with the praise band more often.  Carie and the girls took a few photos from the balcony this morning.





2 Responses

  1. So cool, Brother Jay… So cool!

  2. Really proud of you to answer the call, I know it’s something you can’t explain but you just know when that tug on your heart string says it’s time. I know you will do a good job and the blessings will always out weigh the effort. Love ya, Dad

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