2013 Fishing Trip

Mid April means fishing for me.  I’ve just returned from my annual trip to Kentucky Lake where I fish with my dad and my brother.  As usual, we had a great time.


Part of Saturday’s Catch

This year, we cut a half hour off of our drive and stayed at Big Bear Resort on the northern end of Kentucky Lake.  Now when I say “resort”, don’t go getting visions of Disney World in your mind.  This is a marina, RV park, and cabins.  Sure, there are some newer condo units on the property, but this location is all about the lake, boating, and fishing.


Jeff with a couple of “slabs”

Since this is the first time we’ve stayed here, we had to familiarize ourselves with the surrounding bays and shoreline.  There’s plenty of underwater structures and cover to fish.  Unfortunately, the weather has been a little unusual this year.  We typically miss the crappie spawn and end up fishing for blue gill.  But this year, lake is just now getting to summer pool and the water warm enough for the fish to begin to begin to spawn.

While we didn’t catch the number of bluegill that we normally do, we did manage to clean a little over 70 fish in ~4 days.  Nearly all of those were crappie that we caught in 3-4 feet of water with a variety of live bait and jigs.

I look forward to this trip every year and can’t wait for next time.



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