New Camera

I’m interested in photography, but frankly I haven’t made the investment in time or equipment to get better at the hobby. At the same time, I’ve been extremely dissatisfied with our point & shoot camera.

So to split the difference between replacing our point & shoot camera and replacing our Rebel XTi with a newer DSLR, I opted for a “bridge” camera. This category of camera looks like a DSLR but without the interchangeable lenses. It does however have a fast lens with 24X optical zoom. That’s the equivalent of a >600mm zoom lens on a DSLR. Hopefully, this camera is simple enough for the family to use, but flexible enough for me to continue to learn more about photography by leveraging all the manual shooting modes.

Its the Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ200

One of my objectives is to see how it performs in low light, zoom scenarios, like the girls performing on stage. Frankly with a f2.8, 600mm zoom lens, I’m hoping this becomes the camera that we lug to those events rather than my old DSLR with a really slow zoom lens.

I’ll be posting a few photos from the camera in a Flickr set call Lumix FZ200.



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