Hot town, Summer in the City

I mentioned earlier that Madison spent her summer traveling to a couple of theater intensive programs.  This also afforded Carie & Mackenzie a chance to visit New York (and Cincinnati, but this is really about New York).

Carie dropped Madison off in July, but Mackenzie tagged along in August when they picked her up.  They got to spend a couple of days enjoying the city and reconnecting with Carie’s sister, and her cousin.

Here are a few shots of the trip:

They took in a broadway play on the evening they arrived:

2015 NYC

They started the next day with a visit to the Today Show Plaza, where they got a little revenge for my trip earlier this spring.

2015 NYC

Stopped by the Plaza Hotel, but Eloise wasn’t in.

2015 NYC

2015 NYC

Had dinner with Carie’s cousin and his wife:

2015 NYC

Who took them to see the best view of the city skyline at night:

2015 NYC

When Madison joined them, they visited Carlo’s Bakery from the Cake Boss TV Show

2015 NYC

And the 9/11 Memorial

2015 NYC

And, when they got home, Carie’s car was in the shop so they had to pile into the convertible with their luggage to get home from the airport.

2015 NYC

It was a short trip, but they had a great time.  Here’s a link to a few more photos over at Flickr.





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