2014 – By the Numbers

I continue to live the lifestyle that I began at the beginning of 2012. Okay, so maybe I eat a little more sugar that I did during my hard core weight loss period.  But I remain committed to never going back to the old ways.  So, I wrapped up 2014 just about where I began the year.  Here are the numbers:

  • Workouts = 248
  • Miles = 906
  • Avg miles per week = 17

2014 By the Numbers

I know I didn’t log every single workout, but I sure thought that I worked out more than 68% of the time.  Heck, I even worked out nearly every day on my trip to Honduras.

While I didn’t reach my stated goal of 1,000 miles, this is the second year in a row that I’m well over 800 miles for the year.  I’d still like to hit the 1K mark and will carry that goal forward for 2015.

From a pounds & inches perspective, I’m still at the same smaller size since I lost the weight, although my weight has crept up about 12 lbs from my low point.  I’m comfortable there and I know what it takes to maintain that.

Here’s wishing you a healthy and active 2015.



An NSV (Non-Scale Victory)

Amongst the online fitness/dieting community, folks share a lot of information and provide support for one another. One of the terms that you see used is an “NSV”, a non-scale victory. These are the personal victories that you achieve on your fitness journey that have nothing to do with stepping on the scale. I’ve had a few of those along the way, but I had a significant one this week.

It had been a year since I’d been to the doctor and had my blood work done. So I went in for a check up and blood work right before Christmas. This week, I got the results.

  • Composite score – 144
  • HDL – 55
  • LDL – 82
  • Triglycerides – 73

I don’t remember what my numbers were before, but I know that my triglycerides were over 300.  I found some charts online and as near as I can tell, these are GREAT numbers.

I’ll take that NSV to start the new year!