Labor Day 2014

Or, as my brothers-in-law like to call it, The Annual Meat-Fest. That’s because I BBQ all weekend long, and there’s enough for leftovers and doggy bags.

This year, I let one of them drive the menu. They asked for:
– Pork Steaks – Saturday Lunch
– Brisket – Saturday Dinner
– Pulled Pork – Sunday Lunch
– Ribs – Sunday Dinner

I bought all the meat, but Saturday night I decided there was no.way that we needed all that. So I scratched the pulled pork. Still, that’s a whole lot of protein.

Here’s a couple of fun shots from the weekend.






One More Thing….

I just found a couple of more photos of the girl cousins all dressed up for church on Sunday last week and thought I’d share.  Here are the girls at our church where they helped out as greeters at the morning services.

What beautiful young ladies!


2012 Labor Day

Once again, we’ve wrapped up a Labor Day visits with family visiting for the holiday.  This year, we stayed the course with the kids playing together while the adults visited and I BBQ’d ribs & brisket.

The slight change to the schedule this year had to do with Madison marching in the Labor Day Parade with the Belleville East Marching Lancers.  We had to drop her at the school early on Monday and our guests departed while she was marching.  She was a little sad to have to say good-bye so early, but we’ll see them all again at Thanksgiving.

A few photos, and a link to the rest.

Happy Labor Day,


2011 Labor Day

Well it’s lunch time on Monday, Labor Day 2011.  That means we’ve just bid farewell to Carie’s brother, sister, & their families.  It’s become a tradition for us for the past several years that we all gather at our house on Labor Day weekend, let the kids swim & play, eat BBQ, and enjoy time with family.

This year was no exception and we had a great time catching up with everyone and watching the kids play.  It’s visits like these that make us realize how much we miss spending time with the cousins & Carie’s family.

A few photos from the weekend, and the link to the rest.

2011 Labor Day

Caire, Mike, & Lora

2011 Labor Day 1

The Cousins


The Ribs


The Brisket!


All the Fun You Can Stand for $.99

We had family in for the holiday weekend. We have no agenda when they visit. We just let the kids play and we hang out.

On Saturday, I showed my Brother-in-law & Sister-in-law the iOS game Angry Birds. Little did I realize that this would start a weekend long obsession with a game that is all about shooting birds from a slingshot to kill pigs who are barricaded in a fort.

I guess it’s a good thing that we have a couple of different iOS devices in the house (iPad, iPod Touch, & iPhones), because by the end of the weekend even the kids were addicted. In fact, one of my guests even downloaded the game for her Android phone.

The game only costs $.99. I don’t think I’ve ever spent so little on something that was used so much.


A Labor Day Tradition

Its become a tradition on Labor Day that we host some of Carie’s family, let the kids play, eat good BBQ, and enjoy being with family we don’t get to see very often.

This weekend, we loaded up the kids for a little mini-golf and games.

Another BBQ filled Labor Day in the books….

It’s Monday afternoon of Labor Day weekend and we’ve closed another BBQ filled weekend with my wife’s family.  Over the past 3 years, we’ve developed a tradition of hosting everyone for the last long weekend of the summer.

Between us, we have kids that range in age from 7-12 (I mean literally one of each age for a total of 6 kids).  They play together and swim, the brothers-in-law hang out around the BBQ pit, and the sisters-in-law do whatever it is that they do.

Since I started BBQing, it’s become a bit of a joke about how much meat we can cook & consume in one weekend.  Well, this weekend was no exception.  We started with pork butt on Friday, brisket on Saturday, and 6 racks of ribs on Sunday.  We had BBQ leftovers for practically every meal that fell between fresh BBQ availability.  I think everyone enjoys it, but I may have to add poultry & fish to the next gathering.

In any event, the obligatory photos follow.

6 racks of baby-back ribs with a dozen ABT’s (Atomic Buffalo Turds).

6 racks ready to eat!

Happy Labor Day,