The Summer of Theatre

Madison is about to start her Senior year in high school.  She’s long wanted to pursue a life in the theatre and this summer she took a big step towards learning what that is like.

She auditioned for summer intensive programs and was accepted at both the University of Cincinnati Conservatory of Music and Columbia University in New York.

At UCCM she acted, danced, and sang every day in a physically demanding 2 week program.  From there, Carie picked her up and they turned and burned to New York for the start of a 3 week program in writing & directing at Columbia University.

In short, she loved both experiences and has made new friends that share her passion and have the same goals.

Here are a few shots of Madison’s experience and links to both albums over at Flickr.

UCCM Album

Columbia University Album – (Carie & Mackenzie spent a little time in the city as Madison finished up, so there’s a mix of photos in this album.)






Don’t Cry for Me!

One last item event as part of Mackenzie’s birthday….theatre tickets!

The girls went to the Fabulous Fox Theatre and saw Evita last night.  I (fortunately) didn’t go, but here are a couple of craptastic cell phone pics from the event.  By all accounts, they had a super time.





2013 Little Mermaid

Well the curtain has fallen on the spring musical.  And once again, Mackenzie has been part of the cast and really enjoyed the experience.  She was cast as one of the Mer-Sisters.  I’m always amazed at how awesome the Jr. High kids are at the singing and dancing in a musical production.  They learn the lines, the songs, and the choreography and really put on a great show.

Wednesday night was the final dress rehearsal and private performance for the school staff, followed by a trip to Dairy Queen.  Thursday night was opening night with the traditional cast gathering at Applebee’s afterward.  Finally, last night was the final performance (and the largest audience) with a cast party till midnight.  It’s been a long week, but it’s worth it.

As always, here are a few pics and a link to the rest.




Spring Musical – Seussical

It’s that time of year, when Madison participates in the spring musical at school.  They cast the show right after the first of the year and have been rehearsing for a couple of months.  This week was the performances and once again, Madison had a blast performing.  So here are a couple of shots of Madison on stage.

2011 Seussical Musical 160
2011 Seussical Musical 109
2011 Seussical Musical 093
2011 Seussical Musical 155