2014 – By the Numbers

I continue to live the lifestyle that I began at the beginning of 2012. Okay, so maybe I eat a little more sugar that I did during my hard core weight loss period.  But I remain committed to never going back to the old ways.  So, I wrapped up 2014 just about where I began the year.  Here are the numbers:

  • Workouts = 248
  • Miles = 906
  • Avg miles per week = 17

2014 By the Numbers

I know I didn’t log every single workout, but I sure thought that I worked out more than 68% of the time.  Heck, I even worked out nearly every day on my trip to Honduras.

While I didn’t reach my stated goal of 1,000 miles, this is the second year in a row that I’m well over 800 miles for the year.  I’d still like to hit the 1K mark and will carry that goal forward for 2015.

From a pounds & inches perspective, I’m still at the same smaller size since I lost the weight, although my weight has crept up about 12 lbs from my low point.  I’m comfortable there and I know what it takes to maintain that.

Here’s wishing you a healthy and active 2015.



More Fun With My Pants

You’re probably getting sick of my going on and on about dieting, weight loss, and exercise.  Well tough!  Cause this is a lifestyle that I’m committed to.

A couple of weeks ago, I purged my closet of my clothes that don’t fit anymore and posted a photo.  Well this weekend we finally got the bags dropped off at the Salvation Army, but not before we had a little more fun with my old wardrobe.

My Father-in-Law asked for a photo of Carie & I both fitting into a pair of my old pants.  I wasn’t sure that it was possible, but today we gave it a shot before those pants left the house for good.  Sure enough, Carie could fit in one leg and me in the other.  Then, we tried it facing one another with each of us having a leg in each pant leg.  Sadly, we fit both ways.

So I’m gonna keep this as a reminder of the size I used to be and motivation not to get back there.  If I do, somebody smack me in the head.


The Closet Purge

Well, I’m close enough to my goal that we finally decided it was time to purge the closet and buy some new suits.  Frankly, a closet purge was probably in order even if I hadn’t lost weight.  But with my weight loss closing in on 65 pounds, it was long over due.

The “After” Picture

Carie and the girls always buy me nice shirts, ties, etc. for special occasions and it’s a shame to see much of this headed for Good Will, but I have no regrets.  I only hope that someone else gets good use out of some of this stuff.

We started the day at Don Rodgers Ltd.  It’s a clothing store in West Belleville where I’ve bought suits off and on over the years.  I’ve been wearing the last 3 suits that I can get by with, but even they are long past needing to be altered if not replaced.  I walked in the door and Rodger said, “Holy crap!  You’ve lost weight”.  Comments like that still bring a smile to my face, but not as big as the smile when he fitted me for a new suit and the jacket is 8 sizes smaller than I had been wearing.  Did you hear me?  I said, 8 SIZES SMALLER!

So, I’m kind of excited to have 3 new suits on order that will actually fit me well.  I still need to order some new shirts and I’m going to sell a few things on eBay.  The rest is headed for Good Will.

Oh, and I’m within 5 lbs of my target weight.


Milestone – 50+ lbs.

Today, I broke the 50 lb mark.  I didn’t just hit 50, I blew past it to a total weight loss of 51 lbs (so far).  I also broke a BMI milestone.  According to the BMI calculator, I’m no longer in the “obese” category.  Still overweight and a long way from “normal”, but it feels good to break both of these milestones.

I’m really pleased that our recent trip didn’t break my momentum and progress.  It was hard, but I tried to make good choices at meal time and limit the indulgences.  I also ran one day and got plenty of walking in every day.

I can see the finish line from here.  God willing, I’ll get there in due time and be able to live a healthy lifestyle going forward.  I appreciate all of the support and encouragement from my friends and family.


100 Days

100 Days….that’s how long I’ve been focused on improving my health through exercise and diet.  100 Days…that’s how long it’s taken me to break the 250lb mark.  100 Days….that’s how many consecutive days of exercise I’ve done.  100 Days….that’s how long it’s taken me to drop 46 lbs.

What’s the next 100 days look like?  I dunno, but I’m committed to sticking to the exercise and eating plan.  I’d like to drop another 20 lbs or so and see how I feel and look.  I do know this.  I’m seriously gonna have to spend some money on clothes soon.  But hey, that’s cheaper in the long run, right?


New Milestone!

87 days ago, I began making a daily trip to the gym. Most times, I’m there at 5:00am. I spend half the time on a treadmill or eliptical machine. The rest of the time, I do some strength training. Total time spent at the gym on a daily basis is 1 hr. In addition, I’ve begun to track everything I eat. This gives me real awareness of what I should and shouldn’t eat.

As I result, I’ve reached this milestone. More to go, but I feel pretty good about this accomplishment.

MyFitnessPal – Nutrition Facts For Foods


Health Checkup

Since the first of December, I’ve been working on improving my overall health.  This isn’t the result of any medical condition, but just the realization that there aren’t very many 6’4″ old guys.  And there are even fewer 6’4″ old guys that were in the shape I was in.

So I’ve been eating better & getting some exercise.  Maybe I’ve taken that to a bit of an extreme as I’ve been to the gym every day for 40 consecutive days.  Okay, so I didn’t go on Christmas Day but I’ve been every day but one over the past 40 days.

Here are the results.

I don’t really have a goal for the weight I want to lose or the weight I want to get to.  I just want to get healthier and live to see my grand children.  Heck,  it might even be cool to see my great grand children.